"I had seen some of Cody’s work and was so happy that we chose him to be a part of not only our wedding day, but our entire story. 

He did an engagement shoot with us. But he went above and beyond even that. My mom was in the hospital with stage four cancer a month before my wedding. He came out to do a free session with me and my family in the hospital for Mother’s Day with her. It was such a display of his character and his love for people. Cody is selfless and so giving. He told us he wanted to bless us. She passed a month before the wedding and looking back on those pictures are so precious to me."


"The day of the wedding, he did an amazing job on site. I loved how he captured the personality of every person when he takes the picture. He would tell us, 'We know it’s kind of funny to kiss and get close to one another in front of people but it’s okay, have a good time, show me the ways you naturally show affection with one another and let’s get shots of you just happy with one another.' He has a good way of displaying personality and joy in the way he will capture exchanged looks or laughter. He is attuned to those perfect moments."


"My advice to other brides considering Cody is this: talk with him over the phone, hear why he does it, he loves to hear the story, it’s one thing to look at his work, but even having a five-minute conversation you feel like you are best friends. Him and his wife are good people to be around. He won’t push his own opinions of what his photos should look like, but he will stand back and capture what you want. That trust is formed early and that trust is priceless. The cost for our session was worth everything to have that feeling of knowing what we wanted to have captured—he could do. I was able to give him not only my money, but my trust that he could accurately treasure that once in a lifetime day alongside of us. He addresses concerns up front and sticks to that. He doesn’t put on a show. He is himself and it's great in every way. 

You get the real him—and it's genuine."