My life was never the same after June 22nd, 2014. 

I heard it said once that "marriage isn't as much about happiness as it is for holiness."

That rocked my world and blew my mind. All at the same time.

It wasn't real to me until my bride and I were driving back to good ol' East Texas from our honeymoon destination, Gatilinburg, TN. We stopped for a quick bite to eat at a Wendy's along the way. Being the graceful one that I am, I dropped a french fry on the floor of the car. I didn't care too much. I just wanted to be home. She then proceeded to weave her way in and through the car seat to grab that little sliver of fried potato that was causing her frustration. 

Little did I know that this french fry would lead to an hour long discussion on how it's ok for me as a man to say "I'm sorry." It was such a valuable lesson for me as a new husband who thinks he has it all in control. 

Since then, I'm learning that I don't have it all together. Kayla has helped to refine and define me as a man and a husband. She is my help-meet and my love. God has blessed me tremendously with her. Even though we grew up with two VERY different backgrounds, we make it work. She loves me like nobody ever has or ever will. 

All in all...marriage is pretty dandy so far. 

God is love.