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My Time with We Are Leo


My Time with We Are Leo


Over the past few years of being in a touring band, I've made some good friends with a few of the other bands. 

Kenosha, WI-based electro-pop band We Are Leo made the cut. 

3 years ago, I was introduced to their catchy beats and autotuned goodness. Instantly it became part of my audio arsenal of choice through the summer. A year later, I got to meet them while at an Acquire The Fire conference in New Orleans, LA.

You could say I "fan girled" a little bit. Or a lot. But frontman David Duffield wasn't awkward about it. He was just chill, talking about how he loves Acquire The Fire and hoped to play more events in the future.

Since then, I've played around 10 events with them, each time seeing their musical chemistry and on-stage personas increase. The kids love their show, littered with dubstep beauty and the occasional huge balloon toss. 


I had the privledge of having Andrew Alojipan, their bassist (pictured above), stay with my wife and I on Monday night. We got to bro down pretty hard late into the night. 

(For those of you who don't know, Andrew has a side-project called Kept On Hold. Think about every nostalgic punk-acoustic-tear jerking song from your teen years...and you have his music. Check it out. It's so good.)

We got to talking about all sorts of things; myself and marriage, kendamas, music, movies, and pure nonsense.

But what I can gather from this dude is he loves Jesus and he loves people.

Being with We Are Leo for the past 3 years has blessed him so much. He has toured nationally and internationally, meeting countless people along the way and giving them a dose of his infectious love. God has blessed him with this opportunity and he gives all glory where glory is due.

In my short but potent time with him, I walk away feeling filled with joy and hope.


The same goes with the rest of the band. Last year, I had the privledge of meeting up with them at LifeLight festival in South Dakota. I had an hour long conversation with their guitarist Doug about growing up in divorced families and all that came along with it. We got to share hope and wisdom with each other and it was so good. It made me, a drummer in a worship band that felt as if he didn't belong along names like Newsboys and Building 429, feel so valued and loved.

I've had many talks with their drummer Jonny about marriage. About the highs and lows of marriage and very real wisdom that helped. We also share a passion for media, which is rad. He is also the best looking dad this side of the Mississippi. 

All in all, I just needed an excuse to talk about my friends. I love the guys in We Are Leo and I can't wait for their new album to drop. 

Thats all.  

Carry on, citizens.