Hello there new friend! And welcome to my website!

If this is your first time here, or even your hundredth, my name is Cody! I love a good cup of coffee, Coen Brothers films, planning rad trips that may or may not ever happen, my beautiful little family, and getting to play a small role in a really incredible story (aka YOUR WEDDING).

I’m blessed to say that photography is my full time passion and has been since 2014. I started taking pictures just as a hobby but that turned into an extreme obsession to learn and create. Along the way, I had some friends get married and naturally I said, “I’ll take your wedding photos for whatever you can pay!”. That was almost 100 weddings and over 500,000 images ago!

With so many photographers out there who genuinely despised wedding photographers (stress and stuff, I guess) I found an intense amount of joy playing such a special role in the lives of two families merging. My entire mentality on a wedding day isn’t trying to be the stuffy, awkward photographer. We’ve all seen that. My entire goal is to be a friend with a camera. Not intrusive or rude but just…there. Presently capturing the moments, big and small. That is what I get excited for because it’s those moments that you’ll look back on 10, 15, even 50 years from now and think, “I’m so glad we get to relive our wedding. I love you today more than I even could’ve imagined back then.”

Thank you for checking out my work, my website, and believing in what I do. Every wedding, engagement shoot, etc. is a gift and it’s a joy to have the chance to serve you.